How and Why You Should Use the Ecommerce Store Grader

How and Why You Should Use the Ecommerce Store Grader

Inexperienced sellers who have recently decided to open their very own online stores may be having a hard time trying to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of their Internet-based business. Social media marketing tactics such as images to amplify your Facebook updates, getting the attention of the influencers, choosing the image wisely and building online influence need to be taken into account.

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With so many factors that should be taken into consideration, it shouldn’t surprise us that millions of owners don’t know how to optimize their website in a time and cost-effective manner. Fortunately, it provides the best answer to this problem, by offering its users the chance to evaluate their progress, correct their mistakes and make adjustments based on the free report generated by the Ecommerce Store Grader.

What Grade Would Your Business Score in the Shopify Grader?

Wondering how you could use this highly practical and widely available tool to perfect your promotion tactics and expand your business the easy way? Luckily, the grader is extremely easy to use and will ensure accurate, comprehensive results in no time. Here’s how you can put it to the test:

  • Enter the URL of your website.
  • Enter your email address. (this is optional)
  • Get results and find out what grade your business actually deserves, according to the Shopify Grader.

You will obtain very interesting details, related to 4 key aspects:

  1. Your search engine optimization efforts.
  2. The level of user-friendliness of your website.
  3. The actual results of your activity on social media platforms.
  4. Potential technical problems that could affect the profitability and popularity of your Internet-based company.

Furthermore, in order to understand the good, the bad and the ugly associated with every single aspect detailed above, this tool highlights your number of failures and successes recorded in every single category. You’ll learn which strategies were good and which ones actually delayed or limited your progress.

Reasons Why You Should Put the Grader to the Test Right Away

There are several reasons why you should give the grader which provides a website analysis report a try. First of all, it can be cataloged as a “no-string-attached” feature that doesn’t impact your monthly budget simply because it’s free and widely available.

Secondly, it is extremely easy to use and will provide accurate, detailed results in no time. The info is extremely specific and lets you understand, analyze and manage both the pros and the cons of your online business. The comprehensive report allows you to focus your attention on key points of your website that you’ve been neglecting for a while now.

Thirdly, it lends a helping hand to sellers who know very little or nothing at all about search engine optimization strategies, social media tactics, web design requirements and technical problems that could be affecting potential profits generated by their online store. In other words, the Ecommerce Store Grader can replace an army of SEO and/or SEM (search engine marketing) experts, web designers and consultants who could charge you enormous fees to diagnose the problems of your e-commerce website and provide viable solutions.

In this context, it becomes obvious that the tool favors considerable financial savings and delivers useful recommendations that could allow you to run a consolidated ever-growing business without any difficulties.

If you feel ready to put theory into practice and find out everything there is to know about one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms and its much-appreciated store grader, start by creating an online store with just a little bit of help from the website.