Top 10 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do In The Kitchen

Top 10 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do In The Kitchen 1

We all know guys LOVE food – they just aren’t always that great at making it. Still every guy should master these 10 culinary feats in the kitchen.

10. Grill


One of the manliest cooking methods, over an open fire or on a gas grill. Most men can flip a few burgers and dogs, but many should also realize there is so much more you can do with a grill. Expand your horizon to marinated chicken, using an open pit, or even lobster.

9. Cook an Omelet

Omelet, breakfast, Omelet breakfast

Omelets seem simple enough, but cooking one perfectly is actually a common test for chefs world-wide. Using good eggs, the right pan, lots of butter, and a dash of practice you should be able to flip out a scrumptious omelet, even if it isn’t perfect.

8. Buy and Use a Truffle Properly


Truffles are considered one of the finest delicious ingredients nature has to offer. That being said it can be ruined – and they are expensive! Serve fresh, in season truffles with a simple pasta dish, or with a plate of scrambled eggs to truly enjoy this ingredient.

7. “Break Down” an Animal

raw chicken

Practical and manly, being able to understand where your meat is coming from and turn it into the chicken cutlets, steaks, and chops that we’re all familiar with will also save you a lot of money. Not only that, but it gives you the ability to choose healthier, less processed meats.

6. Stage in a Professional Kitchen

Professional Kitchen

You may be ok at working in the kitchen, you may even be fairly impressive, but spending a night working at a professional kitchen will open your eyes to the blood, sweat, and tears that often go into your lunch at a restaurant. Plus you’ll learn a few things too.