Top 10 Most Expensive Five-Star Suites

Top 10 Most Expensive Five-Star Suites 1

Looking for a swanky place to stay around the country? Want to stay like a high roller would? Here are the top 10 most expensive 5-star accommodations you can have for the night according to Forbes Travel Guide of Five-Star Hotels.

1. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at Four Seasons Hotel New York

Ty Warner Penthouse

Cost: $35,000 per night

As the most expensive Five-Star suite in the country, this nine-room, 4,300-sq-ft suite offers more than just its mother of pear inlaid walls. It also includes chauffeur services, 24-hour butler services, personal training, spa treatments, and, of course, dinner. However, the best part about this suite might be its spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.

2. Presidential Suite at The St. Regis New York

Presidential Suite, St. Regis New York

Cost: $22,000 per night

The epitome of American elegance with modern amenities, the Presidential suite is an expansive 3,430-sq-ft with three bedrooms. With 24-hour butler service and the suite overlooks Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

3. Presidential Suite at Mandarin Oriental, New York

Presidential Suite, Mandarin Oriental, New York

Cost: $ 18,000 per night

Located on the 53rd floor of the Time Warner Center, the Presidential Suite offers luxury and historical elegance. New world amenities meet up with Old-World Asia’s fine silks and textiles, as well as authentic artifacts spread throughout the suite.

4. Presidential Bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Presidential Bungalow, Beverly Hills Hotel

Cost: $15,380 per night

The Presidential Bungalow became the largest suite in Los Angeles in May 2011. The 5,000-sq-ft of indoor and outdoor living space includes three bedrooms, a professional chef’s kitchen, stylish design, and a large private pool, outdoor treadmill, and private outdoor rain showers.

5. Royal Suite at Four Season Hotel Washington, DC (tie)

Royal Suite, Four Season Hotel Washington

Cost: $15,000 per night

While the 4,000-sq-ft suite only includes one bedroom, the entire eight-room floor is available for booking as well. The Royal Suite itself includes bulletproof glass, a media room, terrace, and exercise room. Best of all, staff members unpack and repack your luggage for you, plus a fully booze stocked kitchen!