Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

5. Commitment


Whatever you expect of your team in commitment to your vision, multiply that by ten. That is the level of commitment you need to show to help motivate your team. It is important as a leader to show examples to your team and to get dirty in the trenches where you r team will be. When you maintain a hardworking energy and standard it will instill itself into your team and ensure quality work.

4. Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude

Since morale is linked to productivity, its important to keep a positive attitude so your team stays happy and upbeat. A positive attitude will make your team feel like your brother in arms, not your employee and they won’t mind putting in extra time and effort so much.

3. Creativity


As a leader you will be faced with situations where you will need to make quick decisions with no clear answer to which is the right direction. In these situations use every available tool and your team to help make the decision, but also think outside of the box. Rash decisions never end well, but choosing the best between to bad scenarios is part of your job description.

2. Intuition


As a team leader you are navigating a new path with no road map. When issues come up you will need to draw on your past experience, mentors and natural intuition. Learn to trust yourself!

1. Inspirational


Whether just starting out or hitting your first road bump it is important to help your team visualize the successes and end goal before they’ve ever been reached. Inspiring a team with positivity and drive are crucial to being a successful leader.

Whatever circumstance has put you into the role of “leader” it is important to give it your all an aim to be a “great leader.” With these 10 qualities you’ll be well on your way!