Top 10 Extremely Unusual iPhone Stands

Top 10 Extremely Unusual iPhone Stands 1

iPhone lovers and owners are always looking for the perfect accessories for their gadget obsession. Here are 10 of the most interesting, and a little outrageous, stands for your iPhone.

1. Bermuda Rough iPhone Dock

Bermuda Rough iPhone Dock, Bermuda Rough Dock

Price: $54

Enjoy using your iPhone while out on the green golfing? Bring that to your home or office with the Bermuda Rough iPhone Dock. The faux grass dock spruces up your personal space and will make sure all eyes are on your device the second they walk into the room.

2. Concrete iPhone Dock

Concrete iPhone 5 Dock

Price: $34

Whether you enjoy its sleek, industrial design – or are worried about your iPhone being safe and secure in its dock – this concrete iPhone dock seems to deliver! With a tough look anyone would think twice about messing with your phone.

3. Washi Paper Phone Stand

Washi Paper Phone Stand

Price: $15

This stand is for iPhone lovers, or any other phone lover, that is looking for a cute design and lightweight accessory. With various designs available in these Japanese washi paper, the low price allows you the ability to customize your phone stand in any space.

4. Slumped Coca Cola Botthe Stand

Slumped Coca Cola Botthe Stand

Price: $15

Described on Etsy as “functional art” two super brands collide in this phone stand – Coca Cola and Apple. This fun and casual stand can tell a lot about your personality and leaving you feeling green and stylish.

5. BloomBox iPhone Charging Docking Planter

BloomBox iPhone Charging Docking Planter

Price: $40

Looking to spruce up your area without taking up needless space? In comes the BloomBox iPhone Charging Dock & Planter. Add plants while waiting for your iPhone to charge and enjoy the green charm you just added to your desk!