Top 10 Billionaire Cities

6. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo city

Average Billionaire Worth: $4,650.00 Billion

With a total net worth of $120,900.000, Sao Paulo’s 26 Billionaires brings the city in at number 6 on the world’s top 10 billionaire cities. The total number of billionaires from Brazil are 46, but on 26 can be found within the city limits.

7. Mumbai


Average Billionaire Worth: $2,367.39 Billion

While India has a total of 55 billionaires, the 24 billionaires in the city of Mumbai make the cities total net worth $54,450.000.

8. Seoul

Seoul, Seoul city

Average Billionaire Worth: $2,367.39 Billion

South Korea’s 24 Billionaires largely take up residence in the city of Seoul, all but one. The 23 billionaires is up from 19 last year and give the city a total net worth of $54,450.000.

9. Beijing

Beijing, Beijing city

Average Billionaire Worth: $2,614.76 Billion

Despite China’s 122 Billionaire country-wide, Beijing houses only 21 of those billionaires which contribute to the city’s total net worth of $54,910.000.

10. Dallas (tie)

Dallas, Dallas city

Average Billionaire Worth: $3,500.00 Billion

Another of the US’s largest cities, Dallas, Texas, ties for the number 10 spot on the top 10 billionaire cities with 18 billionaires. This is a small portion of the cities 442 billionaires that also helped place New York City in the number 2 spot on this list. Dallas has a net worth of $63,000.000.

10. Paris (tie)

Paris, Paris city

Average Billionaire Worth: $3,500.00 Billion

With a majority of France’s 24 billionaires living in the country’s capital, Paris squeaks onto the top 10 list with 18 city billionaires. The city has a total net worth of $63,000.00 for one of the most expensive cities in the world.

While the number of billionaires in each city, and the amount of money they bring to their respective cities and countries, is surprising, each of these cities’ number of billionaires have grown in the last year!

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