Top 10 Billionaire Cities

Top 10 Billionaire Cities 1

Do you have high financial aspirations? Maybe you should consider moving to one of these top 10 billionaire cities!

1. Moscow

Moscow, Moscow city

Average Billionaire Worth: $4,364.88 Billion

As number one for the fourth time in the past 5 years, Russia has a total net worth of $366,650.000. This could be due to their 84 billionaires, which is up from 78 last year, and a total of 110 billionaires from Russia.

2. New York

New York, New York city

Average Billionaire Worth: $4,528.23 Billion

Despite the US number of billionaires totaling at 442, New York City houses only 62 billionaires. While New York City is up 5 billionaires from last year, its total net worth only clocks in at $280,750.000.

3. Hong Kong (tie)

Hong Kong, Hong Kong city

Average Billionaire Worth: $4,541.86 Billion

Tied with London on the top 10 billionaire cities list, Hong Kong houses 43 world Billionaires. This helps give the city a total net worth of $195,300.000, a leg up on its tied competitor.

3. London (tie)

London, London city

Average Billionaire Worth: $3,717.44 Billion

London might be tied with Hong Kong at 43 Billionaires, but their average billionaire worth is lower. This might give Hong Kong a small edge over London’s $159,850.000 total net worth.

5. Istanbul

Istanbul, Istanbul city

Average Billionaire Worth: $1,767.57 Billion

Maintaining the number 5 spot on the list, Istanbul clocks in with 37 Billionaires, up 7 from last year. Turkey overall has 43 total Billionaires and the city has a total net worth of $65,400.000.