Techi: Technology And Media News In One Place [Review]

If you want to read the news from New York Times, The Guardian, and TechCrunch as you drink your morning coffee normally, you would go to each of these websites, one by one… and have all the ads and junk pop-up and ruin your day before it even started, because you just wanted the news and now it seems like the universe is intent on hindering you. Besides, how much time do you spend on each and every news website?

Techi, Techi review, Techi logo

Techi should be in every creative professional’s bookmark toolbar. Actually, forget about bookmarks and just subscribe to its newsletter. This platform is engineered to save you the trouble of jumping from site to site and wasting your time looking for fresh issues in design, technology, media, and pretty much every other significant aspect of our contemporary society.

Techi, Techi review, Techi logo

Techi summarizes carefully screened stories so that you stay connected to any interesting gadget novelty and upgrade, new developments in software and hardware, and even follow up on political concerns. If you navigate to Techi’s homepage, you’ll notice that non-exclusive stories are preceded by tiny snippets which give you a taste of the full article. And it’s child’s play to switch between the popular stories, the exclusive, and the all-encasing articles from either one of their categories (Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc).

Techi, Techi review, Techi logo

By all means, subscribe to their newsletter and you’ll get a daily email which keeps you informed about the top-priority news from dozens of the most prominent media and technology websites. Techi also offers exclusive content and so makes up the most comprehensive source of information that I’ve ever seen. The articles written by their own astute contributors mix with the multitude of the most relevant outside sources to provide a minute-by-minute insight into the most interesting events of the tech world.

Techi, Techi logo, Techi review

Trust me when I say that you’ll never go on a wild goose chase ever again if you sign up for Techi’s newsletter, because anything you could possibly crave to know can now be delivered straight at your threshold once a day.