5. “I can reduce fat in one area.”

inch tape, belly

Spot reduction does not work. Period. In order to lose weight your body reduces layers of fat all over your body. So rather than doing crazy amounts of crunches, squats, and push ups alone, you have to follow a strict diet to get rid of the layer of fat hiding the muscles underneath.

4. “I’ll burn only fat at my target heart rate.”

heart rate

Watching the blinking cardio heart rate graph on your cardio equipment can be entertaining, but is probably largely inaccurate. You will only burn fat exclusively when you are sleeping, and as you can imagine, it isn’t effective fat burning. To help blast fat try a mix of high and low intensity cardio and lifting with interval training.

3. “I’ll burn more fat on an empty stomach.”

eating apple, empty stomach

Technically, this is true. However, working out on an empty stomach can defeat the purpose of your fat-loss diet because the body will likely burn more nutrient rich muscle than fat in a fasting state. On top of that, since your body doesn’t have all of the nutrients that it needs, your body can’t function well enough to reach its peak performance.

2. “Drinking shakes are great for weight loss.”

drinking shakes, fruit shakes

When choosing a diet to lose weight you probably are trying to avoid sugar and empty calorie coloring agents. Those are a large part of shake mixes with a simple addition of cheap protein and vitamins that are unlikely to help you remain full. Rather, focus on whole foods with high fiber to fill your stomach keeping you satisfied with less longer.

1. “Eat only egg whites and not the yolks.”

white egg, egg

Egg whites alone are almost fat free. With no fat your body will signal an insulin spike, causing hunger cravings and energy swings throughout the day. So eat the yolks.

Weight loss isn’t tricky, but it is a science. Avoid fads and ask a professional and watch the weight melt away!