Top 10 Best Apps For Drivers

Top 10 Best Apps For Drivers

If you own a smartphone and a car, the two can combine in sweet harmony if you procure one or more of the following driving apps. There are plenty more mobile options for motorists on the market, but these are ten of the best apps for motorists out there at the moment.

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10. XLR8

If you are environmentally conscious and have purchased an electric or hybrid vehicle, you may miss the rumble and grumble of a petrol engine. This app for iPhone and Android plays out the sound of a V8 engine. It is synched with the acceleration and deceleration of your car via GPS, so plug it into your stereo system and make your sensible saloon sound like a muscle car.

9. Torque

This is one of the most comprehensive engine management and diagnostics apps available, recording and displaying all sorts of information whilst you drive to help you find issues and improve engine tuning.

8. Petrol Prices Pro

Getting caught out by high fuel prices when you are running on fumes can be a pain, but with this app you can identify nearby filling stations and find out which has the cheapest petrol, whether you are on the motorway or in a town.

7. GreenMeter

Having a lead foot can burn through fuel and make your daily commute cost much more than is necessary. This app highlights the economy of your driving habits and helps to teach you the most efficient ways to accelerate and brake so that you can save money and do your bit for the environment.

6. Witness Driving

Traffic incidents are still common and if you are involved in one it is important to record as much evidence as possible so that in the event of an insurance claim you are able to back up your story. This app lets you turn your phone into a trip camera that records the road ahead and saves relevant footage to leave no doubt about what went on.

5. GloveBox

As well as allowing you to easily store all of the important information about your car in one place, this app also keeps you up to date with any servicing or MOT requirements which may be approaching.

4. EZCam

There are a variety of different apps designed to alert you to speed cameras before you fall victim to them, but this is one of the first to help you work out whether you are sticking to the limit in an area governed by an average speed check. As these are becoming more common in the UK, it could be a worthwhile investment.

3. JamCam

Congestion is an issue across the country and some travel apps can alert you to issues on the roads, but this is one of the few that provides you with live footage of what is going on where you are headed. Using footage broadcast from official cameras operated by TfL and the Highways Agency, JamCam offers excellent accuracy and visual information.

2. Spotify

With a premium subscription to this popular music streaming service, you can not only play songs from a catalogue of millions when you are on the move, but also store tracks locally to listen when your network connection is unavailable. It is the ultimate in-car entertainment solution.

1. FuelLogPro

This is another app that tracks fuel consumption, but this time it also helps you project how many miles per gallon you are achieving and also estimates how much you will spend on fuel over the coming week, month or even year.