iPhone & Android Apps That Are Changing The Way People Do Business in 2013

iPhone & Android Apps That Are Changing The Way People Do Business in 2013

According to a recent study, 70% of small businesses are currently using smartphones/tablets. There are countless apps available to help business people who use mobile devices for their business. Here are the best iPhone and Android apps that are changing the way people do business.

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DoubleDutch: If anyone running a business has need of mobility, it is the event planner, and for those business overs having to run events themselves there is an even greater need for mobility and organization. Keeping track of schedules, attendees, sponsorships, leads and more for multiple events requires expert organization and access wherever and whenever needed. With DoubleDutch, all the event essentials are covered in one app that boasts custom app layouts, lead scanning, reports, social media integrations, and the ability to utilize both cloud based content and still work offline when necessary.

Square: While many businesses still adhere to the cashier standing behind a cash register ready to process sales, increasingly entrepreneurs are moving outside of the brick and mortar store. Having the ability to process credit card payments on either iOS or Android phones or tablets in one easy swipe allows for further freedom and unfettered business transactions. Boasting a free card reader and simple pricing, Square has everything needed to start accepting credit cards on the run and building a business that relies on mobility.

Toutapp: Email is a central component to business communication and a key work process that connects employees and customers alike. Often, however, more than simple communication is required and can push a company to the next level, and that is where Toutapp helps businesses streamline and boost communication organization. Integrating into well-known email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, this application features email, web and presentation tracking, templates, collaboration, reports, and tools to allow intelligent follow up to keep business communication on target.

Intercom: While email communication and marketing is key to a growing business, Intercom takes the concept of communicating personally with every single customer, no matter how large the business, seriously. In one product they replace helpdesk, email marketing, customer relationship management, and marketing automation, simplifying the process of closing the gap between the company and the customer and allowing for seamless feedback on product use and customer satisfaction. While the business world is moving rapidly forward to full technological integration, Intercom makes sure the technology keeps the customer close and satisfied.

Evernote: In a world where the office is rarely contained within a single room and many business people have multiple computers, tablets, and phones, keeping pertinent information handy across all platforms becomes paramount. With Evernote available across all platforms people are able to not only share their notes, clips, research, travel plans and more across their own phones, tablets, and computers, but also have the ability to share and collaborate on projects with their colleagues making Evernote a key information hub.

Feedly: Keeping a pulse on the world is an important aspect of growing a business where being up-to-date on news, fashion, or trends can make an impact on the modern business owner. However, given the growing number of news, video, and information sites, weeding through them all to key in on pertinent sites becomes a juggling act. Feedly, a news aggregator that works across many applications and platforms, allows the business user to key in on sites important to them and create a custom digital magazine that can be read by the user or shared with others.