Top 10 File Sharing Services

Top 10 File Sharing Services 1

In the ongoing transition to business and social activity based on mobile devices, we’re hearing a lot lately about advanced file transfer services. The debate between Apple and Samsung doesn’t mean so much without services in place that allow you to keep up with the new standards of online data sharing! So here’s a look at 10 of the best services out there.

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10. SkyDrive

SkyDrive, SkyDrive logo, logo SkyDrive

Described as a “poor man’s DropBox,” SkyDrive doesn’t have much to get excited about in terms of distinguishing features. Drag and drop saving of web browser links is always nice and easy, though.

9. Minus

minus file sharing, minus logo

This is a fun service, but is geared more toward simple, social use than professional level file sharing. Users can sign up through Facebook and Twitter accounts, and social file exchange (think Pinterest) is emphasized.

8. Box

box, box file sharing, box logo

This is a helpful free tool for organizing file links, either individually or in folders. Transfer is a bit less polished, as the free service will only transfer download links, rather than direct files.

7. YouSendIt

YouSendIt, YouSendIt file sharing, YouSendIt logo

This is one of the more varied services, in that different levels of YouSendit offer different capabilities. The most basic free version is a bit like a simpler Dropbox, whereas the higher, paid versions offer a few nice advanced features.

6. RapidShare

RapidShare, RapidShare file sharing, RapidShare logo

This is a better tool for distribution than downloads, but does allow you to upload and store large files for distribution to large audiences. Additionally, there’s a fun “RapidSave” features that allows you to bundle multiple files as a single saved item.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive, Google Drive logo

The obvious perk of this relatively standard file sharing service is that it automatically syncs with Google groups and contacts. If you, like so many people, organize your friends and networks through Google, this alone might make it the best service for you.

4. ShareFile

ShareFile, ShareFile logo, ShareFile file sharing

This is a paid service, and as such is primarily used in business environments. However, Sharefile has its perks: 10 GB capability, a desktop widget, and the ability to set dates for the expiration of your files among them.

3. SugarSync

SugarSync, SugarSync file sharing, SugarSync logo

This is a pretty ingenious service, largely thanks to the “Magic Briefcase” feature. Basically, the briefcase is a folder in your documents folder, and if you save an item there, then it is automatically synced to each device you use your SugarSync account with.

2. MediaFire

MediaFire, MediaFire logo, MediaFire file sharing

This is a well-organized service for large volumes of files. The drawback is that the system only supports individual files under 200 MB in size. The positives are built in anti-virus protection, compatibility with services like Outlook for contact lists, and generally easy interface.

1. Dropbox

dropbox logo, dropbox file sharing, dropbox

This is a popular pick for the most convenient and capable file sharing service online. The service allows easy drag and drop storage of files in folders, and the “Public” folder allows direct links to web pages (rather than download screens). Competition is getting stiffer, but Dropbox remains the standard.

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