Top Printing Accessories For Your iPhone / iPad

Top Printing Accessories For Your iPhone / iPad

Ever since users started being snap-happy on their megapixel camera phones, it was only a matter of time before smart phones had the capability to print pictures. Here’s a run-down of our top three printing accessories for the iPhone/iPad:

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Photo Printers

To satisfy your need for physical pictures NOW, VuPoint have created the Photo Cube which prints glossy 6 x 4” memories at the touch of a button. All iPhone owners need to do is install the Photo Cube app, follow the onscreen instructions to select your image and hit print. Handily, the printer comes with a pre-installed cartridge with the colour capacity to print 36 images without the need for fuss or cleaning. Once maxed-out, simply swap over the cartridge and you’re good to print again.

The miniature device is also compatible with iPads via USB cable too.

Document Printers

Any printer that has AirPrint functionality built-in has the ability to accept print requests from iPhone and iPads. In the last few years, manufacturers including Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung and Brother have got on-board with the technology and now integrate AirPrint into the majority of their models.

To get started and match your handset to your printing hardware, users can access individual apps (i.e. Mail, Safari and iPhoto) then select the document/photo/email they wish to print and click “print” which is found under the “share” option. After hitting print, your mobile or tablet will search for available printers (like searching for Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi connections) and when your printer is found, you can select number of copies, number of pages and other settings – just like you would on a regular PC.

Viking stocks a series of AirPrint compatible printers including the HP Officejet 4620HP P1102 and HP Laserjet Pro P1606DN which are on sale for less than €100.

Printing Apps

Aside from AirPrint, there are number apps that allow users to print using Wi-Fi alone. As office technology is going wireless, apps such as PrintCentral connect wireless printers with iPhones. Users can also print emails, PDFs, files, attachments, contacts, web pages and photos remotely using 3G/4G via the app.

Another useful tool is Print which is available in over 27 countries around the world. As well as the usual documents and email attachments the app allows users to print directly from DropBox and Google Drive too.