Top 10 Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight

5. Unrealistic Tracking

food honest, Unrealistic Tracking

While you might believe that you are tracking all of your eating habits, but are some of your small cheats and indulgences falling through the cracks? This is especially likely if you have a busy and active lifestyle that makes it difficult for you to track your food choices. (…what did I have for breakfast again?) Try writing a comprehensive food diary for a week of all food choices and exercise – the result might be surprising.

4. Too Much Temptation

temptation, food Temptation

Between the McDonalds drive-thru on your way home from work and the surprise donuts in the conference room (not to mention that secret stash of cookies you’ve got in your pantry) it is impossible to resist all that temptation every second. That means when and where you can eliminate temptation, you should. Yes, that means that secret stash has to go.

3. Ineffective Exercise

bad exercise, Ineffective Exercise

The majority of us trying to lose weight are not health or fitness professionals, meaning odds are our weight loss routine is ineffective. At least to get started, it’s important to consult a professional for their advice or hands-on help.

2. You Aren’t Being Honest with Yourself

diet honesty, inch tape

Sometimes the biggest problem with your weight loss is you’re ability to be honest with how much effort you are actually putting forth. While cutting back a little and going for occasional walks is an improvement, but it isn’t going to help you cut the weight you are looking for.

1. You Need Medical Assistance

medical advice, Medical Assistance

If you’ve tried all the above suggestions, including enlisting professional help, it may be time to enlist another profession – medical. There are lots of medical reasons you may not be able to lose weight that a doctor can pin point and treat underlying medical issues.

It’s time to get honest and realistic about your goals. By following these weight loss sabotage busters, your weight loss should be able to kick off or improve!