Top 10 Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight

Top 10 Reasons You Are NOT Losing Weight 1

Getting frustrated because you aren’t losing any weight no matter how hard you try? You aren’t alone! What you might not know is there could be reasons that are sabotaging your weight loss and not all of them bad.

10. Fad “Diets” are NOT a Diet

deceiving food, fad Diets

Fad diets often ask you to eat bars, drink shakes, and make “healthy” eating choices – often manufactured by the diet company. Too often these “healthy” options are more calorie heavy than you think. Even non-manufactured products like certain fruits, pasta, cereals, and nuts may have a higher caloric impact on your diet than you might think.

9. Sleep Neglect

Sleep Neglect

When trying to lose weight it’s important to stay active, but you may have noticed it is difficult to stay active when you are tired. In fact, it is difficult for your body to do anything, including focus on losing weight effectively, when you don’t have enough regular sleep. Actually, when you don’t keep quality, regular sleep your body will begin to store extra fat to keep up with your more demanding schedule and lifestyle.

8. Adding Bulk

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It’s time to determine if you want to “lose weight” or if you want to create a more toned body with more muscle. Muscle actually weighs far more than fat, meaning if you are working in a successful diet and exercise regimen it means you are converting and burning fat reserves into muscle. This means if you are looking better in the mirror, but the scale hasn’t budged – you aren’t failing at your diet.

7. Too Much Pressure on Yourself

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When starting a diet it is important to keep REALISTIC goals in mind. The reason you might not be losing “enough” is because your idea of enough is a little too much. It is important to celebrate small victories in the short term to keep up your spirits and reach your ultimate weight loss goal in a healthy time frame, and to maintain your progress.

6. You Need to Eat More

too little

Many believe that if simply cutting back on fats and calories can jump start your weight loss progress, then surely cutting back extreme amounts will help you lose even more. Not so much. If you are not taking in enough calories and fat in your diet your body will go into starvation mode where fat reserves are kept in the body as long as possible and any additional calories and fat are also stored.