Top 10 Headphones For Sound Quality

Top 10 Headphones For Sound Quality 1

Headphones have become important not only for the music we listen to, but for talking on the phone and canceling out noise in busy work environments. Headphones have become so necessary that sales have skyrocketed in recent years. It’s important to find the headphone that’s the best fit for you – here’s a list of the top 10.

10. Pioneer HDJ-1500-S

Pioneer HDJ-1500-S, Pioneer headphones


Originally designed for DJs, these headphones have a slee design with a full and robust sound – in other words, loud! Turnable hinges and leather ear-cups that spin 90 degrees aren’t as comfortable as you’d expect though. Meant to block ambient noise, the Pioneer HDJs are held tight enough against your head to make them uncomfortable to wear after only 20 minutes.

9. Klipsch Image X7i

Klipsch Image X7i

£150/US$200 (around AU$230)

Looking for a headphone that is a little more subtle? The Klipsch X7i work best with iPhone3GS with detailed, full sound. High volumes are possible without distorting and impressively backing up their “noise isolating” label by canceling ambient noise. Available in black and white, these are the smallest headphones with the most sound that also gives your a three-button remote.

8. Onkyo ES-HF300

onkyo headphones, Onkyo ES-HF300

£180/US$180 (around AU$280)

With bass-heavy yet detailed, rich sound, the Onkyo ES is smaller than most traditional on-ear headband models. Sporting machine-engineered aluminium and soft-touch plastic band create a simple design. However, simple isn’t always better! The design leaves cold, hard metal on your neck and Y-cables that connect the cups that are easy to get tangled in.

7. Grado Prestige Series SR125i

grado prestige headphones, Grado Prestige Series SR125i

£195/US$150 (around AU$300)

Looking for a retro-style headphone to use in your home or home office? That’s where the Grado Prestige Series is best suited for. While these headphones spill sound disturbing everyone around you and failing to cut out any surrounding and ambient sound. However, they have a balanced mix and plenty of bass, but don’t expect any driving bass lines to come through these extremely comfortable home headphones.

6. PSB M4U 1

PSB M4U 1, PSB M4U 1 headphones

£200/US$300 (around AU$310)

A beautiful design that includes polycarbonate outer headband and ear cups, the PSB M4U1 has zero noise canceling but gyro suspension that gently rocks them in their sockets. Not only that they have highly detailed sound, despite their lack of a bass performance.