Top 10 Biological Discoveries Of The Last Decade

6. Medical Breakthrough: Biology Meets Mechanical Engineering

Thought controlled mechanical limbs are not just fodder for science fiction films any more, but they are a reality causing quite a stir for those reliant on prosthetic limbs. Within the last decade, MIT discovered a way to capture brain waves needed to control mechanical limbs via thought without dangerous surgical brain implants.

7. Indoor Farming: Not Your Average Greenhouse

Recognizing that eventually the world will run out of space to grow adequate food for its burgeoning population, modern farmers seek innovative ways to efficiently grow food in urban environments. Chicago sits amidst America’s bread basket but farmers are now tapping its empty urban structures for space-saving aquaponic farms.

8. Key To Weight Loss Is In The Genes

The weight loss industry is a billion dollar business and shows no sign of slowing down as many people remain overweight and obese. According to scientists, many people find it difficult to lose weight because they are unaware of the way that their bodies metabolize fats and carbohydrates. A simple DNA test tells interested parties whether a low-fat or a low carbohydrate diet is right for their unique DNA.

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9. Organic Electronics

Instead of using inorganic materials for electronics displays and other devices, material scientists and electrical engineers work together to provide more sustainable electronics devices using plants and polymers.

10. Got Better Tasting Milk?

Due to the pasteurization process, milk loses both its beneficial bacteria and much of its distinct flavor. While the outlook for retaining good bacteria is looking dim, a new milk processing method offers possibly better tasting milk. Instead of using ultra high heat to kill all microorganisms, the updated method uses low heat and pressure to kill all bacteria while retaining the milk’s original fresh flavor. Some people consider great tasting homemade ice cream essential for sustaining life.

Scientific breakthroughs are the foundations of this societal system and keep us moving forward. The discoveries themselves are without a doubt significant, but it is even more important to identify how to foster an environment encouraging further discoveries.