Top 10 Biological Discoveries Of The Last Decade

Top 10 Biological Discoveries Of The Last Decade

The last decade has brought scientific discoveries that have led to greater understanding of the universe, further research about cures for life threatening illnesses, and improvements to the public’s quality of life. Being specialized in biological storage and transport, we must stay up to speed on the top biological breakthroughs. We have compiled a list of what we found to be the top 10 discoveries of the last 10 years, and here they are for your reading enjoyment.

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1. Discoveries In Plant Biology Enhances Human Development

Researchers estimate that nearly one billion of the world’s seven billion people are undernourished and lack sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. During the last decade, plant biologists gained new insight into plant proteins and how they are used to receive and transport key nutrients as well as block toxins. These discoveries have the potential to help farmers produce more nutrient rich produce organically.

2. GMO Mosquitoes?

Some biological discoveries are scientifically brilliant but overshadowed with moral issues such as the biological breakthrough of eliminating malaria carrying mosquitoes through genetic modification. An entomologist at the University of Arizona seeks to change the wild mosquito population’s DNA to be resistant to the malaria parasite.

3. Water On Mars Indicates Potential For Life

Water is the precious resource needed to support all known life on this planet, and biology is the study of life and living things. So when a NASA rover discovered water on the Red Planet, biologists all over the world excitedly anticipated the potential study of life forms beyond Earth.

4. New Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

Conventional medicine advocates a combination of prescription drugs and dietary changes to combat the growing problem of high blood pressure. When those methods are ineffective and patients’ blood pressures remain dangerously high, medical researchers developed an implantable device to detect high blood pressure and have the brain signal the appropriate responses to lower the heart rate and open blood vessels.

5. The Link Between Pesticides And Birth Defects

People have always suspected that consistent exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticides does not bode well for humans. Now researchers have compelling scientific proof linking pesticide use in the spring and early summer to birth defects. Women who conceive in the spring have babies with higher birth defect rates than those who conceive at different times in the year. These women did not have other risk factors so the research confirms the necessity to consume clean organic foods and filtered water.