Top 10 Home Security Systems

Top 10 Home Security Systems 1

There are many different ways of trying to protect your home from intruders and one of the hardest parts of implementing a home security system can be in working out which one to choose. To help you out here are 10 of the best and most popular ideas.

10. A Dog

Security dog, dog Security

The first home security idea here is also the most low tech one. Humans have used canines to keep away intruders for centuries but does this system work? Well, there are many advantages to owning a dog but anyone who has watched a few movies knows that they are some tricks for getting round them as well. A dog is a great complement to any home’s security but probably shouldn’t be your only choice.

9. An Electronic Dog

electronic security dog

If you don’t like to clean up dog hairs from around the house or leave out food every day then maybe an electronic barking dog device could work better for you. These work by detecting intruders and making a sound which is designed to scare off intruders. Of course, if the thief works out that it isn’t a real dog then the system isn’t going to do much good.

8. A Webcam App

webcam, logitech webcam

A simple but reasonably effective way to protect your home is to set up a surveillance system using a PC, a webcam, your smartphone and a special app. Many of these apps are free and the system is easy to set up. The big drawback is that it only covers a limited amount of your property.

7. An Electronic Door Stop

Electronic Door Stop, door step

The previous points are all things which can be reasonably effective but which you wouldn’t want to use on their own. The same applies to this idea, which is basically a wedge which jams the door and squeals when it is forced open. Sometimes the simple ideas can be very effective, though.

6. A Virtual Fence

virtual fence

From simple pieces of technology we now move onto a very complex one. Virtual fences involve buried cables and sensors and provide a pretty comprehensive way of securing a property. The one big drawback is that it is massively expensive, which would explain why you won’t find many houses with this technology and why it isn’t higher up on this list. It may be one for the future and the technology is also used in border fences.

5. A Fog Screen

Fog Screen security, Fog Screen

Another expensive and high tech security system involves shrouding the thief in fog and then shrieking an alarm in their ears. The fog screen is starting to get more popular, although at the moment it is more commonly found on business premises than in private homes.

4. A Biometric Fingerprint Reader

biometric fingerprint, biometric fingerprint reader

We might as well stick with the latest technology with this one as well. A biometric fingerprint reader allows the homeowner to secure certain doors and parts of the house so that only that they or other authorised people can enter.

3. A CCTV System

CCTV System, CCTV System camera

A more classic home security system is the CCTV system. The fact that the thief knows that they are being watched means that it can be a hugely effective deterrent. The popularity and success of CCTV systems means that there is also now a market for cheap fake cameras which often look very much like the real thing.

2. A Burglar Alarm


Burglar Alarm, intruder alarmOf course, there are few ways to secure a property which are better than a top quality burglar alarm. We could talk about the modern technology used to detect intruders and avoid false alarms but perhaps it would be better to let the criminals explain why these devices are so good. A recent study in the US shows that more than 80% of thieves look to see whether there is a burglar alarm or not before attempting to break in.

1. A Burglar Alarm with Smartphone App


Finally, if a burglar alarm is good then one which comes with a smartphone app has to be even better. Top firms such as ADT offer free apps which let you control the system when you are away from home, giving you an even better degree of control over the protection of your home.