10 Interesting Facts About Temperature

5. Extreme Temperatures of Human Habitation

coldest city

Humans are highly adaptable creatures and live in temperatures that reach below -50 degrees and working in areas where rocks reach 150 degrees. The coldest city in the world, Yakutsk, Siberia, has a population of 270,000 and the hottest recorded temperature in an abandoned town of Dallol, Ethiopia.

4. Coldest Man-Made Temperature

coldest made temp, coldest man made temperature

Similar to extreme heat, extreme cold temperatures that are unable to be found in nature. Using magnetic cooling, man has been able to achieve temperatures below one hundred picoKelvins. At these temperatures matter begins to behave differently as seen in number nine.

3. The Universe is Getting Colder


The coldest naturally occurring temperature in the universe is in deep space where temperatures are lower than -454 degrees Fahrenheit. While the universe remains above absolute zero from residual heat from the Big Bang, as long predicted the universe is cooling by approximately one degree every three billion years. What does this mean for us? Not much since the heat from our solar systems stars out weight the cooling.

2. Caloric Theory

caloric theory, fire

For hundreds of years, up until the late nineteenth century, caloric theory claimed heat as a substance itself, in the form of a “gas.” The “gas” would flow from a heat source object to a cooler one. While the theory is not quite correct it did lead to some true predictions that lead to modern science.

1. The Planck Temperature

planck temp, Planck Temperature

The Planck temperature is the opposite of Absolute Zero on the Kelvin scale, and is the hottest temperature that scientists believe occurred in the universe. When did this happen? Scientists believe the Planck Temperature occurred only a fraction of a moment after the Big Bang. While no one can know for sure if this is true, it is believed that anything hotter is too hot to exist in our current understanding of reality.

Temperature is a fundamental aspect to physics, life, and our universe. It controls, manipulates, and creates material and astounds our comprehension of the universe.