10 Greatest Alternative Pyramids From Around The World

5. The Pyramid Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China

chinese pyramid, Pyramid Mausoleum

While the First Emperor’s tomb may look just like a grassy hill, but inside is a pyramid filled with so many death traps that to this day the Chinese government has yet to have it excavated. What kind of death traps? One of the best known traps is a moat of mercury that has residual mercury readings that are still dangerously high today.

4. The Upside-Down Slovakian Pyramid

slovak pyramid, Slovakian Pyramid

The Slovak Radio Building, in Bratislava, Slovakia, is not what you would expect to see. However, the upside down pyramid design boasts one of the largest organs in Slovakia. The building was constructed in 1983 and is 262 feet high with an indoor concert hall where the mammoth organ sits.

3. The Giant Pyramid of German WWI Helmets

german helmet, German WWI Helmets, german pyramid

Believe it or not, at one time there was a pyramid constructed at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  The pyramid was constructed of helmets from thousands of captured German soldiers as a victory display that seems in poor taste today.

2. The German Pyramid of Death

german death pyramid, German Pyramid of Death

Pyramids are traditional burial sites, and tradition seems to be holding strong with the 2007 proposed German death pyramid designed to house up to forty million corpses. To make it more cheerful, the pyramid would be multicolored and you can sign up for your own space for only $1,000. The design group was given an astounding $115,000 from the German government to get started but the project seems to be hitting some road blocks.

1. The Pyramids of Mars

mars pyramid, Pyramids of Mars

Pyramids are not only found on Earth, but a small football sized pyramid has also been found on Mars. This pyramid was likely created by wind erosion, according to NASA scientists, but ancient alien theorists have jumped on this new piece of “evidence” of humans being taught and sculpted by mysterious aliens.

Pyramids in every culture are an architectural feat still today. Pyramids will likely forever be studied with equally parts curiousity and awe.