Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases 1

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the latest and greatest Samsung technology, so you want to protect it! How cool would it be to have a case that was just as useful and sexy as your new phone?

1. Belkin Wallet Folio & Stand

Belkin Wallet Folio case, Belkin Wallet Folio case galaxy s4

Genuine leather design that doubles as a wallet, Belkin’s Folio offers an inner pocket for cards as well as acting as your phone case.

Cost: $49.99

2. Speck CandyShell, CandyShell Grip, SmartFlex Card and SmartFlex View

Speck CandyShell, speck CandyShell Grip, speck galaxy s4 case

These Speck CandyShell and SmartFlex phone cases are being offered in a range of fun colors to showcase your personality.

Cost: TBA

3. OtterBox Defender, Commuter and Reflex Series

OtterBox Defender case, OtterBox galaxy s4 case

With a reputation like OtterBox has, it is unsurprising there is high demand for the tough case maker to create protection for the new Galaxy S 4.

Cost: From $34.95

4. X-Doria Dash Icon

X-Doria Dash Icon case for galaxy s4, X-Doria Dash Icon

Fun designs and textured fabric finish? Totally in! Case your new Galaxy S 4 in style!

Cost: $29.99

5. Cygnett Cases

Cygnett galaxy s4 Cases

With a new range of cases for the new Galaxy S 4 that are a high-gloss hard case in jewel bright colors in a sleek classic form.

Cost: $19.99

6. Belkin Sartorial Wristlet

Belkin Sartorial Wristlet, Belkin Sartorial Wristlet galaxy s4 case

Say hello to a sexy feminine case that any woman would envy for her new Galaxy S 4! Protect your favorite phone in stylish pink and purple from Belkin.

Cost: $39.99

7. X-Doria Dash Pro

X-Doria Dash Pro

With sleek and classic all-over protection, the X-Doria Dash Pro not only protects your phone in style but doubles as a stand too.

8. M-Edge Echo

M-Edge Echo

With impact resistance, shock absorption and a raised bezel for screen protection, Echo offers the M-Edge cases with colorful beautiful designs.

Cost: TBA

9. Griffin Technology Galaxy S 4 Range

Griffin Technology Galaxy S 4 Range

Looking for a range of accessories for your new S 4? Look no further than Griffin Technology. The range will include the Survivor Military-Duty Case, the Survivor Skin, the Reveal, and the Midtown Wallet.

Cost: Military Duty $ 49.99

Skin $ 19.99

Reveal $ 24.99

Midtown Wallet $ 44.99

10. Case-Mate Galaxy S 4 Range

Case-Mate Galaxy S 4 Range

Looking for some glam and class to add to your new phone? The Case-Mate range of cases can give you what you are looking for. With a genuine Mother of Pearl, dazzling jewelry inspired “Glam,” a Crafted Woods, and a sporty Brushed Aluminum case.

Cost: Mother of Pear $ 150

Jewelry Inspiration $ 50

Crafted Woods $ 80

Brushed Aluminum $ 50

BONUS: Belkin Slim-Fit Armband

Belkin Slim-Fit Armband, Belkin Slim-Fit Armband galaxy s4

Are you a work out buff who enjoys listening to music on your phone? Belkin has the perfect case for your new S 4 then! A sporty, washable, and slim-fit armband perfect for jogging and running to the gym.

Cost: $ 34.99

With these sexy, sleek cases that have colors and styles for any personality! Enjoy your new phone and case and go fun, crazy, and wild (or classy, whatever you prefer).