Nokia Announces Lumia 925, New Flagship Windows Phone

Nokia Announces Lumia 925, New Flagship Windows Phone

In a bid to keep its presence felt in the smartphone industry, Finnish phone maker Nokia has announced its latest entry, the Nokia Lumia 925. Basically, it is a bumped up version of the previous flagship Lumia 920. The 925 is designed to be distributed exclusively by T-Mobile network in the United States, and probably in regions where T-Mobile wants it to be. Reports suggest the carrier will carry it in Europe and China as well.

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With Windows Phone 8 as its native operating system, Lumia 925 has the same features as with the previous variant except some new additions and carrier-specific services. Well, of course, the new version has a new design and Nokia traded polycarbonate with aluminum to make it more solid and su bepporttter design. Plastics can project glossy designs but aluminum can give a device a rare look. The manufacturer, however, didn’t completely abandoned polycarbonate; the back panel will be made out of it.

Lumia 925 is capable of wireless charging but instead of making it as one of the built-in features, Nokia did otherwise. Wireless charging can only be done by placing a thin charging accessory at the back cover of the handset.

It comes with a 4.5-inch screen featuring AMOLED WXGA technology but to the dismay of many fans, it won’t feature a Full HD resolution; it only has 1280 x 768 pixels Gorilla Glass 2 screen.

While the 920 was known for snapping really good photos, 925 is also expected to do so with its 8.7-megapixel primary camera. Lumia line of phones can actually excel in terms of photo quality when they’re placed under low-light environment.

There isn’t any information available pertaining to the release date and price in the United States but it is expected to be released in Europe and China in June for 468 Euros.