10 Weird Gadgets That Never Got Off The Ground

10 Weird Gadgets That Never Got Off The Ground 1

Not all inventions are a gold mine – in fact most of them are complete duds. While many are cool and interesting ideas for one reason or another they never quite caught on. Here is a list of 10 weird gadgets that no one really got.

1. Metal Detecting Sandals

Are you a metal detecting guru but get tired of holding that heavy metal detector all the time? No problem, Hammacher Schlemmer has found your solution! Metal-detecting sandals are able to scan the earth under your feet as you walk! The battery circles your calf, but don’t look these babies up online just yet… They’re no longer available.

Metal Detecting Sandals, Metal Detector


2. Cigarette Umbrella

This 1930’s invention was designed for the smoker tired of having to worry about soggy cigarettes in the rain. Unfortunately, this interesting gadget never took off, but it is an interesting design!

Cigarette Umbrella

Price: Unsure

3. Swatch Talk

You know the spy movies where they are able to talk into their wristwatch. During the 1990s the Swatch Talk, designed by Swatch, was an invention that used new cellphone technology at the time to recreate the classic spy gadget. But it seemed a bit odd to consumers to talk into your arm, but at least the watch was water resistant!

Swatch Talk

Price: Approximately $240

4. Bone Fone

This idea is as fascinating as it is weird! The Bone Fone used your skeleton to create a private rich aural experience- in short your own private concert through the resonance of your bones. Cool, but creepy. Needless to say the Bone Fone never caught on and it’s not hard to imagine why!

Bone Fone

Price: $69.95

5. USB Pregnancy Test

Potential moms could be getting tech savvy and analyze their own urine for pregnancy. Using a Horizontal USB port to prevent “accidental moisture transference,” a woman can simply plug in the USB to her computer and wait for the results!

USB Pregnancy Test, Pregnancy Test

Price: $19.99