Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Dropbox

6. Upload Files to Dropbox via URL

Upload Files via url to dropbox, dropbox url file upload

Upload links directly to your Dropbox folders using URL Droplet – all you need to do is take a link and paste it into the URL Droplet form. This works especially well with link leads to a PDF or other document.

7. Download Legal Torrents

Download Legal Torrents, dropbox Download Legal Torrents, Download Legal Torrents to dropbox

Don’t you wish you could download bit torrent files so they were ready for you when you got home, even though you are away from your personal computer? Dropbox is the tool for you then! Adjust the settings in torrent software to automatically load the torrent to your Dropbox.

8. Maintain Two Dropbox Accounts (Only for Advanced Users)

Maintain Two Dropbox Accounts, Two Dropbox Accounts

This trick can get confusing so it is only for advanced users on Mac OS.

Maintain a business and personal Dropbox account even though Dropbox doesn’t support multiple users at one time. Use an alternate home directory in the command line and create another Dropbox icon/folder and save it in at a different location. Tell them apart by changing on of the icons’ colors.

9. Back Up Your Website

Back Up Website, Back Up Website dropbox, dropbox Back Up Website

Worried about losing data from your website or are you unsure of your server? Back up your website and information on Dropbox so you don’t lose all the time and effort it took to build your site. Choose a service like Backup Box or a plugin.

10. Hosting Web Pages

dropbox Hosting Web Pages, Host Web Pages dropbox, dropbox Host Web Pages

Do you need a website, but don’t want to pay high fees for a domain or an online portfolio despite your inexperience with HTML? Use a service like DropPages or to create a simple website with minimal effort.

Do not underestimate the power that Dropbox places in your hands, and take advantage of these services today!

[Images via funky-data]