Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Dropbox

Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Dropbox 1

In our connected generation we want and often need to access information at all times – which has made the launch of services such as Dropbox and cloud so popular. Still, there are several ways to enhance your user experience with this service. Here are the 10 things you didn’t know you could do with Dropbox.

1. Reading “Favorite” Files Offline

star your favourite files dropbox, star your favorite files dropbox

While using the Dropbox app, you can ‘favorite’ images or text documents from your mobile device to access later. You won’t even have to be connected to Wi-Fi or internet service.

2. Use Dropbox as Your Default Documents Folder

use Dropbox as Your Default Documents Folder, Default Documents Folder dropbox, dropbox Default Documents Folder

By saving files directly to Dropbox from your computer programs, you will save an immense amount of time and memory. This can be done by using a simple commands in Terminal for Mac OS or a settings change for Windows.

Mac OS: Open Terminal in Utilities and type “cd Dropbox.” Press enter, and type “-s~/Documents/Documents.” Hit enter again to finish.

Windows: Right-click on the My Documents folder, click Properties and then click Move. Simply select your Dropbox folder.

3. E-mail Files to Dropbox as Attachments

E-mail Files to Dropbox as attachments, Dropbox email files

Even if you aren’t able to access Dropbox you can upload files via e-mail. Create an account at and send files to a custom e-mail address as attachments and the files will automatically appear in your Attachments folder in Dropbox.

4. Get More FREE Storage

dropbox Get More FREE Storage, free dropbox storage, dropbox free storage

As a free user you immediately have access to 2GB of space, but did you know you can get more storage without having to pay for an upgrade? For every friend you refer to Dropbox you gain 500MB of storage, an additional 250MB for completing a ‘Getting Started’ checklist, and another 125MB for connecting your social media accounts.

Some Dropbox Pro users have earned up to 32GB of extra space all thanks to referrals. You can sign up for a FREE 2GB storage now.

5. Maintain Firefox Settings Across Different PCs

Maintain Firefox Settings, Maintain Firefox Settings dropbox, dropbox Maintain Firefox Settings

Tired of frustrating maintenance problems for preferences and add-ons in Firefox when you use multiple computers? Dropbox has a solution: download Firefox Portable and place it in your Dropbox folder. Firefox Portable can be used anywhere and your add-ons and settings will be synced.