6. Pocket Stories for Later

chrome pocket

Don’t have time to really read that interesting headline you saw on a Google search? Simply install Pocket to keep your tab bar organized and manageable. This useful button lets you store articles and pages to read later all in one place. You can also tag them for easy access and read them on the go with their cool app. Both the app and the flag work on an easy to understand minimalist format.

7. Manage All Your Chats


On the internet there are a myriad of ways to communicate and chat – Gtalk, Facebook Chat, Instant Messenger, and even texting. That’s a lot of conversations to keep track of! ‘Talk.to’ can help you consolidate all of your online communication with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to jump between conversations and platforms easily. Think Hootsuite for chats – oh and don’t forget that you can still meet everyone in one place on your mobile device – there’s an app for that!

8. Save Your Tabs

tab.bz, save tabs chrome, chrome save tabs

Keeping track of all your tabs and not wanting to lose them is a frustratingly common issue for internet users! Free up your browser bar from overcrowding by using Tab.bz, which will create a link to a list of open tabs you want to reference later, creating a perfect instant bibliography and catalogue of your favorite pages.

9. Un-baby Your Facebook Feed

unbaby.me, Un baby facebook feed

Tired of seeing babies everywhere on your Facebook feed? Get Unbaby.me to change out baby photos with stuff that you are actually interested in. Same thing with Unpolitic.me – even with the elections over you might be tired of seeing all the political rants from everyone on Facebook.

10. Put a Unicorn On It

unicorn, chrome Unicorn

Need to add some sparkle and magic to your internet pages? Use Cornify!! to go unicorn crazy on any of your webpages. This flag gives you a colorful button in your Chrome bar that give you instant “cornification” on any webpage of your choice.

These Google Chrome Flags will make your internet experience more organized and manageable and some of them just plain fun! Check out these today and more by searching “about:flags” in your Google bar.