Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome

Top 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Chrome 1

Google Chrome seems to be taking the internet by storm, but do you know everything it can do for you? Here is a list of ten… that we know of now.

1. Generate Passwords

Generate Passwords, Generate Password chrome

When running Chrome on Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, Chrome Flags will fill in passwords for you when you open an account creation page. To get started you will have to be signed in to your Chrome account (if you don’t have one sign-up for it) and have your password manager enabled. Visit the Flag site, chrome://flags, and find “Enable Password Generation.” This tip will save you a lot of time at work!

2. Tab Overview

Tab Overview, chrome Tab Overview

This Chrome feature will be familiar territory for Apple fans because the Tab Overview flag uses MacBook’s trackpad to deliver a new way of browsing for users. The “how-to” for your MacBook? All you need to do is swipe three fingers down on the pad and there you go! All your open tabs in a simple tile display just like the Mac feature many of us know. Unfortunately, that means that this is only available on Mac.

3. Stack Your Tabs

stacked tabs, Stack tabs, chrome stack tabs

Mac users aren’t the only ones who can reorganize their tabs for easier viewing. Rather than using squashed tabs at the top of the screen, why not stack them? Use a similar “how-to” as the Mac users – type “about:flags” into the Omnibox and find “Stacked Tabs” on the Flags page. Enable stacking tabs so that your tabs won’t shrink and they’ll stack on top of one another as space runs out.

4. Post to Tumblr/Pinterest

post to Tumblr, post to Pinterest, chrome post to Tumblr

We all have had that moment – you found the coolest post for your Pinterest or Tumbler followers but don’t have time to sign in and post it and there’s no pin it button. Now you can! There is a Post to Tumblr extension allowing you to simply right-click on any image you want to share.

5. Make Reddit Better

reddit, chrome

Reddit and Chrome go hand in hand really well. There are a ton of extensions for improving Reddit’s appearance and performance on Chrome. So, why haven’t you customized your experience yet? Try ‘Reddit Companion’ to add an info bar to your browser to let you vote and view comments at your convenience.