Top 10 Sites To Detect Plagiarism

6.  Dustball Plagiarism Checker from University of Maryland

Dustball Plagiarism, Dustball, University of Maryland

Dustball Plagiarism Checker was created by a University of Maryland student in 2002. Brian Klug created the system which allows users to paste entire papers into a search box, rather than picking and choosing segments. The premium version has a $8 subscription fee, but it supposedly has increased accuracy and gives users the option to upload Microsoft Word documents to be scanned.



Plagiarisma has two options for users to take advantage of – there is a search box option or a software download for Windows. Users can also choose from URLs, files in HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, ODT, or PDF formats to search and scan.


plagiarismsoftware, Plagiarism Software

Formerly known as Duplichecker, is as easy they come. Using a simple search box and checker to search for text or upload TXT files.


CheckForPlagiarism, Check For Plagiarism’s service can scan papers in several languages and allows users to compare papers. While the service is supposedly between 35% and 70% lower in average cost than other competitors. It offers a basic $20 account meant for high school students, but only allows up to five document scans.

10. EVE2: Essay Verification Engine

EVE2, Essay Verification Engine

Created in 2000, EVE is one of the oldest plagiarism system services but has an impressive resume of 150 million scans under its belt to date. Backed up by businesses like Rolling Stone and Salon, you can gain unlimited service with a 10-day-money-back guarantee for $29.99.

Students, educators, and journalists alike will find this list of plagiarism detection services useful and may give new options to researchers for finding sources. Whatever your budget, there is a service for you.