Top 10 Sites To Detect Plagiarism

Top 10 Sites To Detect Plagiarism 1

Plagiarism is a serious concern for journalists and high school/university students and professors alike. Make sure you aren’t plagiarizing with these 10 online services – or check that someone else isn’t!

1. TurnItIn

turnitin, TurnItIn logo, logo TurnItIn is one of the most notable services in plagiarism detection. Started by Four UC Berkeley graduates as a peer review application for their classes, TurnItIn has processed more than 60 million academic papers in 2011. The service does have a fee but free quotes are available online for educators.

2. iThenticate

ithenticate, iThenticate plagiarism

Used more for professional and scholarly writing and research, iThenticate is used by well-known publishers like Oxford University Press. iThenticate’s Cross Check software appeals to the professional and scholar largely due to its database of more than 31 million articles and 67,664 books and journals.

3. Viper

viper, Viper plagiarism

Want to check your work for plagiarism but do not pay for TurnItIn? Go to Viper, the self-proclaimed “Free TurnItIn Alternative.” Unfortunately, despite its large database of academic essays and online sources and side-by-side comparisons, it is only available for Microsoft Windows users only.


plagiarismchecker, Plagiarism Checker uses Google and Yahoo as their ready-made database, making it easy for teachers to use a search box to check pasted phrases from students’ work. There is also an “Author” setting for authors to see if anyone else has plagiarized their work online.

5. Plagiarism Detect

Plagiarism Detect

If you are looking for a thorough examination, turn to Plagiarism Detect. The system takes 5-7 minutes a page to scan, but the wait is well worth it. With a recently updated system and new more advanced algorithm, the system is supposedly able to scan text like a human would. This is due to its combination of multi-layered technology and SMART scanning.