New iPhone 6 Concept Shows 4.5-Inch Retina Display and Thinner Body

New iPhone 6 Concept Shows 4.5-Inch Retina Display and Thinner Body

The second quarter of the year is among the most exciting time especially for iPhone and iOS fanatics because it is during this time that information about the new generation Apple devices are released. Not only does legit information about the iDevices grab attention, also cool concepts and renditions of the iDevices surface on the web.

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Recently, designer Ran Avni made a video, projecting things he wants to see in the iPhone 6. These are his concepts:

  1. 4.5-inch display – Apple has diverted from its tradition of releasing iPhones and iPod with 3.5-inch display. While the company hasn’t revealed the size of the upcoming iPhone just yet, Avni thinks iPhone 6 will have a Retina Display compressed into a 4.5-inch screen. This idea is not really far-fetched considering people today love having to use with ease devices with large displays.
  2. Thinner Body – although dimensions weren’t revealed in the video, it surely looks thinner than the current version of iPhone. People love thinner devices especially ones that have larger screen because they can easily be held; that is if battery life isn’t compromised.
  3. Thinner Bezels – manufacturers including Apple know exactly that thinner the bezels become, the more elegant the device gets. Avni has a point in making iPhone 6 appear with thinner bezels in front. Not only does it give more space, it also makes the device sexier.
  4. No Home Button – apparently, Avni is one of the people who hate having a Home button on his iPhone, so he took it out leaving the bottom part a little empty especially for people who used to seeing that button there.
  5. No Curved Display – despite rumors and speculations that future generations of iPhone will take on curved display, this concept artist believes Apple would stick to its current design.

Being a designer, Avni did a great job in creating the device looks brilliant in his video. But we still have to wait for an official snapshot to tell us how the device would appear.

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