Japanese Students Invent ‘Girlfriend Coat’ For Lonely People

Japanese Students Invent 'Girlfriend Coat' For Lonely People

Teens who want to feel how it is to be hugged by a girlfriend and how sweet it is to hear whispered words may have an option to go to the mall and just purchase a “girlfriend coat;” that is if the new invention would be released to the public. Three engineering Japanese students from the University of Tsukuba have invented a coat that looks like an ordinary jacket but offers more warmth than any other coat ever offered before.

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To build this, students used a jacket to give warmth and built two robotic pincers driven by a motor at the back of the garment. At any given time, the pincers would tighten up to replicate a hug and software would play the audio via headphones.

It would then emulate a girlfriend-like hug from behind while whispering words like “I’m sorry, I’m late.” For people who may have not been able to experience a hug from a girlfriend, the ‘girlfriend coat‘ may be enough to fill in their longing for romance.

We have a feeling that the invention may not be sold for public use. It may function well for pranks and other things teens often do. As far as technology is concerned, the concept is pretty good and the students did a great job in combining mechanical to function well with hardware and software.