iPhone 6 Concept With Curved Display Looks Ridiculously Ugly [PHOTO]

iPhone 6 Concept With Curved Display Looks Ridiculously Ugly [PHOTO]

Just about a couple of days ago, we’ve seen the alleged prototype of the iPhone 5S with sloped edges. While there is still a possibility that the new model would take on such design, we believe Apple doesn’t want to stray away from the design that put its smartphones on top of others. There is yet another concept showing how iPhone 6 would look like in a curved display.

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If iPhone 6 would look like this, its future might be at risk just because of the design. Since the screen is curved, there would be no side bezels, and no real edges on the side making the device incredibly difficult to hold. Considering the entire body (from front to back) would be made of glass, there is a greater risk for the phone to fall especially for users with sweaty hands.

Reports also suggest that the next generation iPhone might not have a Home button. Even if the size remains the same as with the current flagship, the display would be a bit bigger and since there are no side edges, the screen area is going to be wider as well. Therefore, just like what the iPhone 6 concept picture shows, there will be five columns of icons instead of four.

People love the current design even if it’s simple because the device looks elegant. The point is, if you were an iPhone owner, will buy a new iPhone that looks like a flattened toilet roll?

We are not sure how Apple would design its device for it to look nicer with a curved display. But if it happens to look like the concept photo, iPhone 6 would become an epic failure for the company. The device would appear ridiculously ugly.

[via Nowhereelse.fr]