UK publication company T3 has recently released a video depicting how the iPhone 6 would look like if Apple designs it according to the newly-submitted display patent–the wraparound-style display. According the filing document submitted by Apple last month, its future smartphones would sport a curved/sloped display that would wrap around the handset’s body.

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At this point, only Apple designers may have known the appearance and design of future iPhones but T3, in their conceptualization, didn’t exaggerate things.

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The video suggests that Apple would consider using 1615 x 1800 pixels resolution if it were to use a wraparound display. A secondary camera in front would have 2 megapixels camera sensor to be able to feed Facetime HD videos during chat sessions as well as NFC support and the new Lighting connector.

Since there would be, technically, two screens – T3 believe iOS could now offer real multi-tasking. In their demo video, iPhone 6 plays a video on one screen while running an email app on the other. For gaming applications, controls may be located on the other screen while the actual game happens in front. I don’t know if gamers would be happy with this setup as it may seem very uncomfortable.

So far, of all conceptualizations we have seen, T3’s concept is a little closer to reality. But then again, Apple sticks to its tradition of keeping everything a secret prior to its official launching. So this would remain a concept until Apple decides to use such design, which is unlikely.

[via T3]