Hyundai Demos E4U Personal Mobility Vehicle

Hyundai Demos E4U Personal Mobility Vehicle

South Korean auto-maker Hyundai has demoed its entry into the Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMVs) market. Dubbed as Hyundai E4U, designers may have considered Transformer movie character Bumblebee when choosing colors for the personal transporter because it was colored yellow aside from appearing like an egg-shaped little robot.

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The Hyundai E4U unit that demoed during the Seoul Motor Show last week is fully-driveable, although Hyundai representatives said the unit accelerates at a walking-speed at the moment. A semisphere that is constantly spinning in horizontal direction is what keeps the E4U moving forward. A couple of little wheels supports the unit at the back and keeps it moving in a straight direction. It is steered the way helicopters are being driven but there’s no enough information as to the technology that powers the unit.

The idea of E4U was conceived in October 2012 so as of this moment, it is still in its early stage. That’s one of the reasons why it is better to walk than to ride in one right now. Since the company hasn’t officially announced the PMV, only so few information about it is known. No one actually knows how fast the vehicle can go when it is finally made ready for distribution.

Speculations suggest that E4U was designed for indoor transportation or to be used in cemented and leveled places. Apparently, it couldn’t do more on mud or rough roads. This could be another version, a complicated and high-tech, of the popular Segway.

Hyundai hasn’t released official information about its release date and whether or not it would be made available for the public. No information about the price, too. Obviously, this is one of Hyundai’s ingenuities but for now, it is actually a target of ridicule. Well, it’s not really the unit that’s being laughed at, it’s the helmet that may come with it. How would you like to wear a windshield on your head?