Google Could Buy WhatsApp For One Billion Dollars

Google Could Buy WhatsApp For One Billion Dollars

According to rumors circulating over the world wide web today, Google are in talks to buy Whatsapp Messenger in a deal believed to be around US$1 Billion.

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Inside sources are reporting that negotiations between the two parties have been going on for past 4 to 5 weeks, with the Whatsapp representatives “playing hardball” for an acquisition close to US$1 billion.

In case of successful negotiation, we could soon see WhatsApp messaging technology integrated in Google’s services like Google Talks, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, etc.

At the moment all this is pure speculation. We will keep you updated on any new updates. Stay tuned to GizmoCrazed.

Update: WhatsApp’s business development head, Neeraj Arora, has issued a statement saying the rumored acquisition isn’t happening.

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