10 Must-Have Tools For Entrepreneurs

6. Paper

 Paper, Paper for ipad, Paper app

Ever miss your old paper and pen or feel more inspired while handwriting? The new app Paper allows you to get that same effect on your iPad. The app was developed by FiftyThree to make your iPad act as an art pad or journal for you to draw and write on.

7. Uber

uber, Uber app

Uber is a one stop spot for your car service needs. By combining an app with the traditional cab service Uber has created a consumer frenzy! The convenience of Uber allows you to order a cab service without the awkward money exchange because the payments and tip are taken care of through Uber. The app also keep tabs on where your requested car is, with notifications sent straight to your phone.

8. iPad

ipad, iPad mini

Think of the iPad as the Swiss Army Knife for entrepreneurs. It is a good replacement for a majority of tasks, but if your work involves a lot of coding or design, steer toward a more traditional laptop. Entrepreneur is always on the go and an iPad is light weight, easily portable, and extremely versatile – additionally it helps keep you on the up and up with new technology releases.

9. PSP

psp, playstation, Playstation portable

This is for all the busy entrepreneurs who need to take a break! Why the PSP? Similar to the iPad, it is easily portable and ready for a quick time out between conferences. Play a quick game and give that crazy busy mind a break!

10. IdeaPaint


A techy trend, IdeaPaint is a new piece of technology that has the ability to make any surface into a white board. Your digital white board can be nearly any size and creates the perfect environment for collaboration. Besides the financial pay-off of not needing to buy tons of whiteboards for your office or home, you can have a whiteboard anywhere you are.

Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to collaborate, work on the go, and stay ahead of new technology. This list will help them with that and any other to-do list that an entrepreneur could have!