10 Must-Have Tools For Entrepreneurs

10 Must-Have Tools For Entrepreneurs 1

Entrepreneurs have long to-do lists with tasks that they probably never expected to be doing when they began their venture. Here are 10 tools to help entrepreneurs complete and keep track of tasks so they can do less work and have more play!

1. Behance Action Runner

action runner, Behance Action Runner

“Making Ideas Happen” is the Behance philosophy and they have put it into practice with the Behance Action Runner Pad. The pad has a visual design to encourage you to describe your ideas in action words to help make your ideas happen!

2. Evernote

evernote, Evernote logo, logo Evernote

As an entrepreneur you often are operating on several devices, even in one day! Chances are there are things on your smartphone that you want on your computer or tablet, but get tired of the lack of consistency. Introducing – Evernote! Download the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and have full access to all your to-do lists on every device. Working on a shared computer? No problem, you can also sign in through Evernote.com.

3. Google Docs

googledoc, Google Docs

Entrepreneurs need to be able to collaborate – with employees, clients, and other entrepreneurs. Google Docs is the perfect tool with built-in chat and real-time editing capabilities. Your documents are saved in the cloud and web accessible on any device. To top it off – auto-save for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t always remember!

4. Dropbox


E-mailing images and documents can get old quick, am I right? Welcome Dropbox, where you can store and share documents and images with collaborators! It is perfect for design work or just avoiding overstuffed e-mails.

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5. MailChimp


E-mail marketing holds a power that is rivaled by few other marketing techniques. As an entrepreneur it is important to begin collecting e-mails and sending updates directly to your audience immediately! MailChimp makes it easy to create forms and send newsletters for free up to 2,000 subscribers.