The animal kingdom is fascinating and the process that these amazing creatures develop is equally astounding. Here are 10 incredible photos of animals in the womb.

10. Dolphin

dolphin womb, Dolphin in womb

This picture features a bottlenose dolphin approximately half way through its gestation at six months. Found in relatively warm regions of the ocean, bottlenose dolphins have a twelve month gestation period. At six months the bottlenose dolphin fetus has developed tiny teeth and its tiny tail are developing flukes.

9. Elephant

elephant womb, Elephant in womb

This perfectly proportioned Asian elephant fetus is halfway through its gestation period at 11 months. Elephants, unlike human infants, maintain physical proportions throughout their lives. You can also see that the fetus already has a perfectly formed trunk and even small hooves.

8. Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark womb, Tiger Shark in womb, Shark in womb

Unlike most fish, sharks bear their young the same as mammals. This fetus tiger shark is one of the world’s ocean’s deadliest predators. You can see the dangerous potential in this fetus’s sharp teeth which can be used to eat other unborn siblings.

7. Penguin Peep

penguin womb, penguin in womb

Inside its protective eggshell is a tiny regal emperor penguin chick. Here you can see it is warm down, that will protect this soon to be born chick from the bitterly cold environment. For now though it is happily floating in its egg fluid protected by its parent’s feathers and warm body.

6. Chihuahua

chihuahua womb, Chihuahua in womb

This tiny canine is already beginning to resemble its dog ancestors. When born this small puppy will develop a more pointed snout and will already be equipped with small sharp teeth.