HTC One Drop Test Shows It’s As Robust As The iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

HTC One Drop Test Shows It's As Robust As The iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

Perhaps the most painful test a smartphone in its lifetime could experience, aside from bad reviews of course, is a drop test. A lot of enthusiasts are actually asking why smartphones have to undergo this test. It is necessary to do it with new phones to see how bad they break when they fall right out of your jeans pocket.

Let’s face it, smartphones slip off your hand more often than you think. So, if you’re planning to buy the new HTC One, AndroidAuthority did a great job in drop-testing the phone versus the Apple iPhone 5.

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Waistline Drop. Drop tests are not done just to see how to break the phone, they are conducted based on real-life situations. A lot of people drop their smartphone while putting it in or out of their pockets.

The video shows that the iPhone 5 has a tendency to drop face down from a three-foot height. That could be the reason why there are many cases of shattered screens in iPhones than in other phone brands. The good thing about it is that the device is pretty durable that you could still use it even if the outside screen glass is shattered.

In the drop, the HTC One didn’t fall on its screen but on its bottom corner. Even in proceeding drops, the phone refuses to face down while falling and it’s not a coincidence; it is designed to fall that way. We don’t know if HTC’s designers consciously (or unconsciously) built the phone to fall like that but the way the device interacts with gravity has something to do with the arrangements of its components.

The waistline drop couldn’t do much damage on the HTC One because it will fall on its corner, which is aluminum. In Joshua’s video, only the speaker grills came off.

Chest-line Drop. Still based on real-life scenario, users can accidentally drop their phones while reading a message, texting, browsing or watching media files.

This time the iPhone fell on its corner and there’s no significant damage at all. The aluminum body and chassis are very durable. Thus, if the device fell on its corner, you might just be seeing a dent.

On the other hand, the HTC One still fell on the same corner. So the dent seemed to grow bigger as its chassis was pushed inside. It also has an aluminum chassis and probably the same “hardness” as with the iPhone 5’s. Still, the phone’s screen remained intact after this fall.

Head-line Drop. Drops from this height happen when a user is calling or talking with someone. This is a considerably higher drop for devices as fragile as smartphones.

From this height, the iPhone fell display first. While it may take a lot of proving but it seems like the part where there is a lot of weights is in the middle-front side. As expected, the screen was shattered even more but it’s still usable.

The HTC One, on the other hand, still fell on its bottom corner and its display didn’t have a single crack. After three falls, the phone shows how durable its screen is. Others may already have developed a crack on the screen due to shock.

Joshua, however, did drop the phone on its display and only then that the screen got damaged, although it was still working after the drop.

Bottom Line

While it breaks our hearts to see these phones getting dropped, it’s one way to know which one could last longer. Bottom line, HTC One is as durable as the iPhone 5, the benchmark of design and durability.