Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5: Samsung, Apple Devices Compared In Photos

The web is currently flooded with articles about the Samsung Galaxy S4 following its official announcement last week. Among contents we often find are comparison articles detailing every possible specification the phone has while putting it side-by-side with that of other devices’.

One of the most popular phones that are often compared to the Galaxy S4 is the Apple iPhone 5. Devices from these companies are often compared partly because people want to know which one is a duplicate and which one is the result of innovation.

Bloggers have their own way to compare these phones and Martin Hajek’s way is through photos. He shot beautiful renders of the Samsung Galaxy S4 placed side-by-side with the iPhone 5. With proper lighting and angles, he was able to make clear differentiations of each device’s physical features especially their sizes.

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5, galaxy s4, iphone 5

In this photo where the Galaxy S4 is on a further perspective, it still shows Samsung’s flagship has way larger screen than Apple’s current flagship. It also differentiates the size of each device’s top and bottom bezels.

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5, galaxy s4, iphone 5

When the perspective is inverted, the S4 dwarfs the iPhone 5 even more.

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5, galaxy s4, iphone 5

In this photo rendition, it shows how narrow the iPhone 5 is when compared with the Galaxy S4. It would also help buyers decide which one to buy between these two when size matters.

For not geeky users where specs do not really matter, the size of a smartphone and how well it fits in the hand may be the only determining factor. This match up, however, is a mismatch. While there is no information about the screen size of the next generation iPhone, there is a possibility Apple would stick with 4 inches. But let’s wait and see how Apple would cope up with Samsung’s possible smartphone domination.

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