Your iPhone Was Built By 13 Year Old Children Working 16 Hours A Day [REPORT]

Your iPhone Was Built By 13 Year Old Children Working 16 Hours A Day [REPORT]

Earlier last month, This American Life has disclosed an interesting story about Mike Daisey, sharing what he found out about the popular Apple gadgets while he was in China. The revelation was made through a transcript, disclosing how Apple’s iPhone and iPad components were assembled in a factory, as well as the people behind the completion of each highly deemed sophisticated techno stuff.

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Shortly after the story was publicized, it has immediately drawn attention from global masses. While there have been some discrepancies found in the prior details, the overall content was thought to be true and confirmed by many others.

Daisey’s account reveals the workforce behind the completion of parts entrenched into the sophisticated Apple gadgets, particularly the new iPhones and iPads. It turns out that one of the Chinese firms making iPads and iPhones, Foxconn, is employing minor workers to carry out such tasks, from polishing glasses of the new devices down to building the whole piece with no machinery involved. This means everything is manually done.

Workers who belong to the underage cluster, according to Daisey’s narrative, are from age 12 to 14, working in a shift that could extend to 14 or 16 hours. Majority of them are purportedly working as iPhone screen cleaners, a task which is deemed risky, as it involves the use of a neuro-toxin substance known as hexane. The company reportedly opted to use hexane other than any available screen cleaners because it evaporates quicker. The quicker it evaporates, the faster the production would be. Apparently, this denotes advantage to the company but not to the workers who are at great risk to potential hazards inflicted by such chemical exposure.

Besides minor age, Daisey also unveiled another issue concerning unsporting compensations each worker gets from the company. One of the workers at Foxconn in-charge of making metal casings for iPads purportedly got his hands crushed while on duty but was not given any medical attention by the company. This man, according to Daisey, has not even seen an iPad before.

After finding out the real story behind the making of Apple’s alluring gadgets, many people are asking if the maker of iPads and iPhones know about all these, particularly on child labor. If so, then does it really matter?