Top 10 Ways Your Smartphone Sucks

5. Dizzy With Distraction

Distraction, smartphone Distraction, using smartphone while driving

Your phone e-mails, texts, Facebooks, Tweets, and still occasionally calls you. With all those capabilities you would think you are super productive and focused. Not so. Instead it becomes a distraction while driving, talking to friends, or even in your business meeting!

4. Constant Upgrades

constant Upgrades, software update

So you just bought the iPhone 5 so you think you have the latest and greatest now – nope! The iPhone 6 is coming out just months after you bought your phone. There are some apps you can’t use, you are missing features, but that upgrade is super expensive!

3. Silence!

notification attack, iphone notification attack, iphone notifications

Notifications, text messages, and phone calls are not only distracting but also noisy! You can turn your phone to silent but that doesn’t stop those distracting messages coming across your screen. You can become almost become cross-eyed from the overwhelming notification attack.

2. Money, money, money

Money, dollars, united state dollar

Data overages, text limits, and just the cost of minutes for smartphones these days are just ridiculous! There is nothing more annoying than getting your phone bill and seeing all the extra fees on an already outrageous bill.

1. Being a Phone

phone numbers,telephone,phone,dialer

You can text, post to Facebook, Tweet, e-mail – you name it, it seems like your smartphone can do it. But wait, you did get your phone to make phone calls didn’t you? Ironically, when polled smartphone users report annoyance over dropped calls more than anything else!

With “modern” phones trying to make our lives easier, sometimes they just fall short and make it more difficult instead. Some days your phone just sucks!