Top 10 Ways Your Smartphone Sucks

Top 10 Ways Your Smartphone Sucks 1

Smartphones have become the norm today, but that doesn’t mean they are 100% better. There are definite ways you would improve your “smart” phone if you could!

10. Battery Life

ios 5 battery drain, smartphone Battery Life, low battery

In comparison to the old flip phone you used to carry, your smartphone sucks more juice and usually dies sooner than you’d like. There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck out without a phone and no way of charging it!

9. Type Guessing

autocorrect, damn you autocorrect

You’re phone tries so hard to understand what you are trying to say – but check Facebook and you’ll see a litany of autocorrect mistakes that can get you. This is mostly due to such a small keyboard compared to our thumb size and dexterity.

8. Controlling Your Own Phone

iPad Apps

You may have noticed that your iPhone and your friends Android have different apps from you. But why can’t you change your apps? Not getting to control all the apps you want to use (or not use) can be frustrating. You just want to get rid of these useless apps!

7. Durability

iphone Durability, smartphone Durability

Your previous flip phone could all but run over with a car before it would break – now your iPhone screen is cracked and you can’t text or call, and all you did was drop it two feet sitting on your couch!

6. Picture Quality

iphone 4s,camera,flickr,iphone,latest iphone news,iPhone 4S camera

Probably one of the most improved issues with smartphones is the picture quality. With more people replacing their traditional cameras with their pocket ready smartphones – let’s face it, the camera quality comparatively sucks!