Top 10 Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid

Top 10 Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid 1

In today’s food and health conscious society we’re all well aware of what we should be eating – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, salads, dairy… the list goes on and on. That’s an awful lot to remember day to day! Here is a list of the top unhealthy foods to avoid, making healthy eating easier to navigate. You might be surprised.

10. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

There is nothing like an instant bag of microwave popcorn with a side of Perfluorooctanoic acid for a mid-day snack right? Recent studies have shown that microwave popcorn packaging that contains this long-winded chemical is associated with a host of reproductive disorders and increased cancer risk. This is just one chemical that is transferred into those tasty kernels when microwaved making them delicious bites of potential testicular, pancreatic, and liver tumors.

Suggestion: Use an air-popcorn machine and make your next popcorn experience an adventure to the movie theater, even if you are just staying at home.

9. Grain-Fed Beef

unhealthy cow, Grain-Fed Beef

Grain and corn fed beef is a norm for the typical American meal today. While grain and corn are whole wheat options that can pack a powerful punch for your system, they increase the level of growth hormones in cattle. With an increase in growth hormones we see early maturity but a large decrease in essential nutrients such as vitamin E, potassium and calcium.

Suggestion: Ask your local grocer if they provide grass-fed beef, if they don’t ask them if they would be willing to begin.

8. Non-Organic Potatoes

Non-Organic Potatoes, Organic Potatoes

Potatoes are a delicious root vegetable. However, those starchy little bulbs could be holding pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that farmers use on them and other crops that they absorbed through the soil. Keep in mind, anything ending in “-icide” means it’s meant to kill, so don’t eat it!

Suggestion: Look for organic potatoes at your local grocery or search for local organic farmers to buy fresh! Yum!

7. Hormone Induced Milk

Hormone Induced Milk, Hormone Induced Milk carton

In order to produce enough milk to meet demand, dairy cattle today are often treated with hormones. Since use of these hormones began there has been an increase in milk related infections and colon, prostate, and breast cancer cases.

Suggestion: Read your milk labels, search for the one that clearly states there are no hormones added.

6. Cheesecake


1 serving of a frozen cheesecake = 29 grams of saturated fats. Yikes! And seriously, who really stops at just one serving?

Suggestion: Mix natural yogurt with fresh fruits to pile into a crust for a delicious fruit tart!