Top 10 Tips For Taking Pictures Like A Pro

5. Know Your Flash-Zone

Know Your Flash-Zone

Too far and your photograph will be too dark, too close and it will be washed out. Make sure you experiment with your flash so you know where to stand when taking the shot.

Suggestion: If you don’t know your flash range, stand 10 feet away from the subject to start.

4. Be Playful, Experiment with Lighting

Be Playful, Experiment with Lighting

Lighting allows you to see your subject, so it stands to reason it’s a pretty important aspect in photography. While lighting is fun, it can be tricky to understand and can require some experimenting before you find the lighting that makes your photo look best.

Suggestion: Keep track of your lighting experiments – write them down for future reference!

3. Take a Vertical Shot

Vertical Shot, Vertical photo

If you are taking a picture of a tall building or from an angle that is tall – turn your camera over on its side.

Suggestion: Want to feel like a real photographer? Lay on the ground to take a vertical photograph.

2. Aaaaaaaaand… ACTION!

ACTION, light camera action

Who said a photo subject had to be standing still or in the same pose? Move subjects and direct them to make shots more interesting and play with angles. You’ll have fun and the photograph will be really impressive.

Suggestion: Take an action shot of everyone jumping!

1. Color & Contrast

Color & Contrast, Color, Contrast

No one enjoys seeing a flat photograph with no interesting color in it. Make sure you play with the contrast to give the photograph depth and search for fun colors to take shots with!

Suggestion: Colors don’t have to be bright to be interesting.

Remember – You don’t have to be a pro to take pictures that look professional – just have fun!