Top 10 Tips For Taking Pictures Like A Pro

Top 10 Tips For Taking Pictures Like A Pro 1

Photography is an art form, but you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take pictures like one! Here are 10 tips for how to give your pictures professional photographer flair without being a professional or paying beaucoup bucks to get pictures done by a professional.

10. Choose a Non-busy Background

Choose a Non-busy Background, photography

Background is very important when preparing to take a photograph. Choosing a background that isn’t distracting or unnatural makes sure the focus stays on your subject and can make the subject stand out. There is nothing worse in amateur pictures than when you have a plane flying out of your head – pay attention to what is going on behind the subject to avoid unintentional comedy shots.

Suggestion: The best backgrounds include a solid wall, a stand of trees or natural setting, or plain building.

9. Using flash with the Great Outdoors

Using flash with the Great Outdoors, photo sun, sunlight, photography

Experiment with your camera flash when taking outdoor pictures. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean you have the right lighting – flash can help fix that. Shadows can be a photographer’s best friend but when you don’t have any control over them they can make a subject look odd and unnatural. Change your flash settings until you find a lighting that works best with your outdoor natural light.

Suggestion: Flash-fill mode works best for close up subject on bright sunny or overcast days.

8. Move In for a Close-Up!

Close-Up baby, baby Close-Up

Your subject should fill the frame, so step up! Using zoom or simply stepping closer can give the ability to get all those details that make your photograph subject interesting.

Suggestion: A good rule is to be no closer than three feet from your subject, or the photograph could get fuzzy.

7. Off-Center of Attention

Off-Center of Attention, Off-Center of Attention photography

Sometimes a photograph is more interesting when the subject is not in the center of the frame. Use different angle and positions to create a story with your subject, but make sure your subject is still in focus and well lit in the photograph.

Suggestion: Turn your camera middle lock focus feature off so you can focus your subject no matter where it is in the frame.

6. Focus on Your Subject

Focus on Your Subject, photography, focus in photography, photography focus

Ok, so maybe a no brainer, but make sure that your camera focus is on your subject. Nothing ruins a shot like having the bug that flew in front of your camera be the focus than the person on the other side of the lens.

Suggestion: Turn off the auto-focus feature on your camera.