Top 10 Man Made Wonders

Top 10 Man Made Wonders 1

Historically man has worked to leave his lasting impression on the world. Through skyscrapers, monuments, and cities we have helped shape the world into what it is today.

10. Rocky Mountains I-70

Rocky Mountains I-70, Rocky Mountains, I-70

I-70 may seem meaningless on this list because so many use it on a daily basis today. Still, this roadway was one of the single largest projects in the history of the United States Government.

9. Microchip


Size doesn’t always matter. In this case, we have changed the world with something that can rest on the tip of your finger or a pencil eraser. Used in billions of products actively worldwide, this miniscule computer chip unsurprisingly makes this list.

8. Mount Rushmore

rushmore, Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore’s concept as a monument carved from stone is neither new nor innovative. However, due to the scale of the massive monument and the fact that it was carved into the side of a mountain, this national monument awes and inspires visitors every day.

7. The Colosseum

coliseum, the Colosseum

While the Colosseum itself is surely impressive, it is not listed here for the structure alone. It is rather listed due to its importance to and as an icon of the Roman Empire, one of the greatest influencers on Western Culture today.

6. Burj Khalifa

Burjkhalifa, Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. Located in Dubai it has outflanked many other buildings in man’s need to always reach greater heights. Undoubtedly, one day another building will replace it on this list.