Top 10 Macbook Concept Designs

5. Virtual Macbook Air

Virtual Macbook Air, Virtual Macbook

This concept design is more of a redesign as a lighter MacBook Air. This MacBook air features a virtual keyboard and two useable touchscreens, making the need for a mouse, well, unnecessary. The virtual keyboard is created by a small laser projector displaying on a flat laptop. This is a slimmer, and sexier, version.

6. Digi-Roll Macbook

Digi-Roll Macbook, Digi Roll Macbook

This Macbook concept design increases your laptop’s portability that features an in-between configuration, theoretically giving quick email browsing possible. The straps double as USB plug-ins and the Macbook has a detachable webcam for use on your Macbook or that you can wear on your wrist!

7. Transparent Macbook

Transparent Macbook

Ever get tired of looking from your computer screen to your television while doing work? That is a problem of the past! With a transparent laptop screen you can now watch your television screen through you laptop screen.

8. Macbook Mini

mini macbook, Macbook Mini

Less than half the size of any Macbook yet in production, this Macbook is a convenient portable concept design. This Macbook includes two mock-ups for a foldable or sliding trackpad for when you aren’t using the keyboard.

9. Macbook with Optimus Maximus

Macbook with Optimus Maximus, Optimus Maximus

Combining the Apple OLED technology with Optimus Maximus would create a customizable look for heavy computer users.

10. Macbook Folder

Macbook Folder

An ultra slim e-folder equipped with a touch screen display, a large-button keyboard, two built-in speakers, Mac OS, Bluetooth and wireless LAN, this Macbook is less innovative than any of the other concept designs on this list. However, it may be one of the most likely concepts to be realized in the near future.

Apple’s innovations seem to know no bounds, and these concept designs certainly push the limits of the imagination, let alone the chance of production. It will be interesting to see which of these concepts come to life in the years to come.