Top 10 Macbook Concept Designs

Top 10 Macbook Concept Designs 1

Apple is known for its continuous innovations, and all of their new products and upgrades at some point or another start out with a concept design. Here are 10 of Apple’s best Macbook concept designs.

1. Macbook Water

water macbook, Macbook Water

This element inspired device is called the iFluid idea Macbook Water. The iFluid device has less booting time than a cellphone and is used by pouring fluid on a flat surface to start the machine and to shut it down simply wipe the fluid off the surface.

2. Macbook 3D

Macbook 3D, 3D macbook

With 3D technology being developed and marketed in television sets, the technology on your computer screen isn’t that far of leap. That paired with a hinge-less spine design, this Macbook design may take the market by storm someday soon.

3. Apple Mac-Tribook

tribook, Apple Mac-Tribook

Working to fix the ever present screen space problem notebook users have, the triBook has two additional screens, increasing the total screen space to 21”. This allows for more multi-tasking, but despite its increased efficiency it is gamers who are most excited by this new design concept.

4. Foldable Macbook Touch

Foldable Macbook Touch, macbook Foldable touch

The first flexible Macbook ever has an OLED touchscreen, meaning you can fold the screen to half is size for easier maneuvering or unfold it for large screen work.